Friday, July 22, 2011


Cutting, skinning, and cooking fish!

Part of the goat barn

Before - after(as I forgot to take a picture): 4 built walls (6 levels with 11 cement blocks per level). LOTS of work. Result? A sore back.

The milking parlor

Left: after milking vs right: before milking

Frederick giving a goat an injection - I forgot to mention I found a sick goat (half of her udder gave blood and not milk). Long story short, two days later Herve was pulling a dead goat out of the barn :/

Herve with his horse Royal

When the controllers came - you can see the milk being measured out at eat "station"

Yay cement walls!

Pouring the mixed cement

One of the replicants of a large church (perhaps a monastery?), made from small stones

Another piece of art

Me with the miniature Mont-Saint Michel!

This morning - I wasn't too happy with the hay nor pitchfork

The technician for grading the goats

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