Saturday, July 30, 2011

P - I - C - T - U - R - E - S

The Castration

Our first farm - injections with the catheter

At the Haras with Celia

Salting the cheese (small scale farm)

The small scale cheese factory

Camembert cheese aging

Our desserts - berry crepe and creme brulee

our entrees

This was a special cheese - they're wrapping a specific type of leaf around each cheese for the aging process. I believe this helps to give a distinct flavor.

The large scale factory's cheese aging

Separating the curds from the whey and then spreading the curds out

Celia, me, and one of the other employees at the bull facility. We were cleaning out a few stalls.

Feeding the bulls! (At this point we were done so we got a ride!)

Me, Justine, and Sebastian eating ice cream

Take two. (aka funny picture)

Our walk Saturday on the coast

Same picture as above, except without me in it

The weirdest toilet I ever saw. Right before our walk, Sebastian and I stopped at the toilets at the beach. We both entered our own stalls and I immediately exited, mentioned that my stall was a shower, and waited outside for Sebastian's. Turns out, it was a toilet. More specifially, a turkish toilet where you plant you feet, go, and pull the string to flush. Good thing I always carry tissues :P

A picture of what we walked Saturday (approximately)

Petit Vantina and me :)

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