Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 5 of Rain ….

The controller for the milk included three women, rather than my expected “one man” show. The milking took about 2.5-3 hours, but just the same wasn’t too bad. They hooked up these tubes for measuring the amount of milk each goat gave, collected some into a smaller tube for the lab, and typed all of the data onto a laptop in the milking parlor. Instead of immediately hooking up another goat after milking another, we had to wait for the large tubes to be changed. Otherwise, milk would get mixed and both the components and amount of milk from each goat would be unknown. I worked some more on the cement wall and as of now there are only three more layers of the last wall to do! (I wonder what the next task will be once this is done?) Between yesterday and today, I helped again feed, milk, and chase the goats. I say chase here because there are always young goats that love to escape and then run around in the barn. If they leave the barn, they linger for not even a minute and then run back in the barn. These goats are nothing like the cows; they(the goats- most often the young ones) are extremely curious wherein they will stare at you all day long, try to eat your clothes(so yes I have been “accidentally bitten”), and run everywhere jumping on hay or sneaking in the milking parlor when they’re not supposed to. Cows on the other hand: calm, cool, and collected … sort of. Still, goats are quite silly and annoying when you’re trying to finish a task with several mouths yanking on your clothes.
Luckily, we finished work around 7:15 today and the rain had stopped.  Therefore, I went with a run and Antoine came with me. We had to have run about 2.5 miles in our 22 minutes, wherein we then returned to stretch, wash up, and eat dinner. I was extremely happy for dinner: boiled potatoes, steamed cabbage, carrots, leftover green beans, and broccoli and then boiled eggs and sausage. I ate everything but the sausage. For dessert? Blueberry yogurt J. Here in France dessert is often yogurt, but sometimes something else (what we consider dessert). Well off to bed! Bonne nuit! (Good night!)

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