Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Day With the Goats

I got in a fight today. It was between me, a pitchfork, and a pile of hay. Okay, so the pitchfork was on my side. I was TRYING to feed the goats but the dumb pile of hay wouldn’t give. You know when you’re trying to move a large object (couch, table, etc) by yourself, so you try to get in between that object and the wall? And then? You push with all the strength possible, but the darned thing doesn’t move an inch. That was me except in a different perspective: I was lying on top of the block of hay, using my feet to push the layers down, dislodging them from the entire pile. No such luck. I finally figured that if I pushed at a certain angle, I could make it so that the pile was a bit more manageable. In the end I won. However, the hay didn’t let me get away that easy; the bunch of hay left remnants in and on my clothes, in my hair, but luckily not in my mouth (yuck!).
After the normal routine on the goat farm, a technician came to grade several goats for a future competition. He measured several different parts of the goats, including their udder. Speaking of udders, did you know that you can over milk a goat? Yep. It’s not like the milking machine for cows, which automatically detach from the teats. Instead, goat milking is all manual, wherein we have to pull the machine off and attach it to another udder. If they’re over milked, their udder can get sick. Around 5 today, I’m leaving for my weekend. Again, not sure what I’m doing but I’m sure it won’t involve hay.

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