Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Day

Today I did the same round of milking, feeding, and bedding the goats as well as cleaning up the barn. Afterward, Frederick and I finished the cement wall. Since we were just about done with the wall, we ended up working until all of the mixed cement was done wherein we didn’t eat lunch until 1:15. Afterward I was expecting to do some more work on the farm, but just so happened to have off until the evening milking. There wasn’t really any work to be done anyway since we finished building the walls. Having this time off, Frederick drove me around town showing me several fields of corn, wheat, and grasses as well as a large factory that heats corn, alfalfa, etc into several small nuggets for dispersal to the farm animals. Even more, an artist lives on a farm in this town.  What I mean is that he constructs replicates of larger buildings(churches, Mont-Saint Michel, etc) from small stones, glass, and cement. He’s about 75 years old now, but I believe still constructs these as it is his hobby. Tomorrow is my last day on this farm and then I’m off to stay at a friend’s for the weekend. Not sure what I’m going to do, but a long distance bike ride may very well be in my future!

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