Monday, May 30, 2011


I am now in Rennes; I have made it to destination number two safely. Pierrick drove me to a train station in some for Nicholas to pick me up. Nicholas is another Frenchman (22 yrs old) who is employed with a cattle genetics company and has helped me set up part two of my internship; I am going to work on his family's farm from time to time as well as work with the company. You will find out more in the future. It appears that I may be staying at Nicholas' apartment for most of my 15 day stay. His girlfriend has yet to arrive, but I can't wait to meet her! They also have a cat which was quite interested in my things - sniffing about. They do not have internet here; I will only have access when I visit Nicholas' office. Therefore, communication will be very limited and quite sporatic. Even more, I have to use the office's computer(for some reason the Wi-Fi isn't working) wherein the French keyboard is slighty different and so typing takes a longer time.

So far I can tell you that this Thursday the French have a holiday. As a result, if weather permits, I am going to the beach with Nicholas and his friends! Until next time!

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