Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guess What?

So, I think I have a problem: I may have a boyfriend. He's very kind, loves to run with me, is very intelligent, is loyal, and very very furry - yes, he is a dog :). And his name is actually Borbinot. I started my run and, lo and behold, two dogs run right past me. I tried to get them to go back home, but Veronique said that they could come. The other dog was too slow and so left, but Borbinot "stayed with me". In other words, he ran ahead of me and almost got hit by 3 cars, 2 tractors, and a bike. The problem is, I only know "poussez", "non", and "doucement". ("push/bite", "no", and "gently") When I tried other commands, in both French and English, they did not work. Moreover, every time I said "ici" (here), he would jump in the grass/bushes/etc to possibly look for pigs or cows. Let's just say it was an interesting run. (Quite difficult too.)

So today, I helped move more pigs around for eating, birthing(in 1 week), and storing. More pigs escaped today, but we got them back to their designated area. As the daily regime, I helped milk the cows this morning and will do so again in about 10 minutes. I have mostly worked with Veronique and Nicholas. They both try to teach me French vocabulary, but Nicholas also tries to teach me about the procedures on the farm. For instance, he showed me papers of identification for the cows and what certain numbers mean. Also, he showed me what goes into a cow's diet: calcium, phosphorus, sodium, corn, hay, etc. Additionally, he introduced me to the French greeting: two kisses - one for each cheek. Must go milk the cows, but I promise to post pictures in about 4 hours or so. Until then.

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