Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures

The guys fixing the cow for the photo

Alan, the farmer from Friday

Michelle picking lettuce for lunch, on Friday

The family's dog, Daisy

Daisy again!

Boats docked on the ocean, as seen from the town (Baule, France)

David and his family (wife Rosenn, Perren in front, and Lily Rose in back)

The girls lighting candles in the church

A poissonerie(fish store)

Cheese at the market!

Meat at the market

Fish at the market

The house from the boat

David driving

The boats on the sand when the ocean recedesA salt harvesting area - no that is not snow in the distance - it's salt.

Me digging for mussels

A starfish I found while digging for clams and mussels

The dinner I made - in the blue pot is Ratatouille that Rosenn made ... hopefully for tonight?

Women and children! .. Us on our walk today

The girls with Anais' oldest son

A sweet and ice-cream shop in town

The Carousel

Candy in the bakery

Our Sunday lunch - seafood part 1

Me "driving"
The market (pic should be up with the others)

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