Monday, June 6, 2011

A Glimpse of My Week(day)

Soo where did we leave off? Ah yes, Sunday! Sunday I did just about nothing but watch tv, read, eat crepes (and meals), and visit the Roches Aux Fees(Fairy Rocks!) with Nicholas! You'll see pictures below - I believe it was constructed to be a house, but sunk a bit in the dirt (over time).

As of right now, I am in my own hotel room for the first time in my life - and it's internationally! The reason being is that I am working with Nicholas' enterprise. I left this morning with him for work, switched over to David's car and then Sebastian's car wherein we then drove two hours to get to a select number of highly genetically favorable heifers. Prior to the heifers, we had lunch out. Once we were finished, we left for the heifers! We first set up tables, chairs, and such and then we helped with the washing and clipping. Since they are very specific about the cow's look, they had specific men chosen to clip the cows. Nevertheless, I still had cow fur all over me in my attempts to calm the cows down. Following, I practiced leading a few cows up the stage and then down (for tomorrow). Once we got to our hotel rooms, I took a shower and headed down to meet everyone for dinner! It was AMAZINGLY GOOD! (do I say that too much?) For an appetizer, I chose this "salmon pate" which was cut up salmon stuffed in half of an avocado with a mini salad and grilled toast on the side. As for my entree, I chose a salmon and white fish combination with potato puree, a creamy white sauce, and another mini salad on the side. Both dishes were simply out of this world, both in taste and presentation. Finally for dessert, I was so overwhelmed by everything that I resorted to ice-cream: dark chocolate, mint, two cylindrical white cookies, a grape, strawberry, and class all in a cup! The meal was divine. If I had brought my camera, I would have taken pictures. But alas, no camera, no pictures :/. Must go to sleep because it's 12:20 and I've got an early morning!

A baby calf, comparing its size with a full size cow

Les Roches Aux Fees

Me!! Sorry it's the right side up - difficulties on my part :)

Me again!

The guys setting up for the cow presentation

Me keeping the cows comfortable and happy while they're clipped.

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