Monday, June 6, 2011

Pictures Continued and Part of My Weekend

When I last left you, I told you that I went with Anais to Rennes. It was very beautiful and a historic city. We did not buy anything there (lots of expensive clothing stores and few not-so-expensive stores), but just enjoyed the sun, shopping, and sights. Afterward, we met up with Nicholas to get him a dress shirt for a wedding in the future(Anais’ brother). Then we returned back home for dinner and sleep. Saturday I went with Nicholas to see him inseminate several heifers and cows. Later on, I cooked dinner! I made Chicken with wine, carrots, and mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and baguette with goat cheese and pesto on top. Very yummy! Since Sunday was the day of rest, we didn’t have any work to worry about and so played Wii Sport and Mario. As I am running out of time, I will have to leave you there. Next time, you will hear about my Sunday, see more pictures, and find out what I am doing today and tomorrow! Until then!

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