Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Destination 3

I now have a month down. (Not that I want this experience to end). And for those reading the title, I was dropped off to my third destination last night. Before I start talking about that, let me finish with my past few days:

Sunday I ended up going for a bike ride and saw various different views of the ocean. It was beautiful, despite the gray sky, wind, and sporatic mist showers; I definitely had the wind-blown look once I returned. Not even 10 minutes after, we all left for the town, on foot. We saw all of the vendors, stores, and Carousel (for the kids); they sure do love that Carousel! For a small dinner, we ate out at a Creperie; I had blueberry, others had butter, sugar, etc. Afterward, we said goodbye to Anais and her children and returned home. We finished our mini dinner with ratatouille and some of the strawberry/apple pie that I previously made. After the girls went to bed, David, Rosenn, and I played the game Rummikub. Starting with 14 numbers, the goal of the game is to place down all of your numbers before anyone else does. It's a fun and simple game - I would recommend a google search. It also makes you think. The next day was a sleep-in day (because the girls slept in until 9). We again went to the market, except this time we took the car to go to another. We saw several more vendors and shops as well as a larger market with more fruits, meat, seafood, etc. Rosenn ended up making scallops and cod with the remaning Ratatouille; I didn't know cod tasted so good! The rest of the day was pretty lax: Rosenn and David went out on the boat for the crab cage and net(they ended up catching two fish, two shrimp perhaps?, and a large crab!), we played another game of Rummikub, and we cleaned the house up. The family dropped me off to Nicolas', who then dropped me off to Jean-Michel's farm (destination #3).

That brings us back to the beginning. The farm here has about 70 cows, several heifers, and several calves. I woke up at 5:30 this morning to help milk the cows with Jean-Michel's mother and wife(Isabelle). We then returned to the house to have breakfast with their kids - son of 4 and daughter of 7 (come December). They're both really cute; it turns out that the daughter waited for me to arrive before she fell asleep and that she told her class that an American Intern is staying at her house for two weeks. We also watched Dora the Explorer during breakfast; the show here is in French with a bit of English rather than our English with a bit of Spanish. After the kids were dropped off, I returned to help Isabelle with feeding the calves and heifers and take the cows out to graze. I also was shown their mini "quail farm" which houses 4000 quail- that's a lot of eggs! (I say mini because it doesn't look like they have 4000 quail). Isabelle told me that I can eat them for breakfast if I'd like to. :)

For lunch, we ate the crab that David and Rosenn caught(a gift to us), salad, and lasagna (sooo delicious). We're going to eat the lasagna for dinner again with fresh crepes for dinner ... yumyumyumyum. Well, again stay tuned for pictures!

In smelling the fresh crepes, I leave you!

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